Our Subsidiaries

Bussdor Group of Companies, which is the umbrella body of seven private limited liability companies with related activities. This strategic group was formed in 1995 to cater for the business needs of our clients.

Bussdor Group of Companies has over two hundred and seventy (270) members of staff. Bussdor Group of Companies is a key member of the strategic team that comprises seven complementary private limited liability companies:

  • BUSSDOR & COMPANY LIMITED: It areas of expertise includes; Civil Construction, Electrical Power, Irrigation and Water, High Voltage, Building Services, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Procurement and Supply.

  • DISCOVER & COMPANY LIMITED: A construction company that specializes in building and civil engineering works, fabrication works, flow line construction, maintenance and repairs of flow stations, flow station facilities construction, maintenance and project management.

  • ROCKET INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED: Specializes in engineering and procurement services in the field of Petroleum, Oil Drilling and Exploration services.

  • TRANSPORT TRADE SHIPPERS NIGERIA LIMITED: Is the arm that handles services relating to material forwarding, clearing and shipping services. Possessing fleet of vehicles that haul materials and equipment and delivers to the final destination point.

  • GALLERY FURNITURE LIMITED: Besides directly complementing the activities of Bussdor, Discover, Rocket, and Transport Trade Shippers, in civil engineering activities, Gallery Furniture Limited manufactures and sells furniture for domestic and industrial use and also undertakes interior decoration.

  • HOME ENTERTAINMENT & CONSULTING LIMITED: Was formed to cater for general public related services, non-technical supplies and services.

  • CITICORPS INVESTMENT & CONSULTING LIMITED: Is dedicated to petroleum engineering consultancy. As conventional hydrocarbon reserves become harder to find in Niger Delta Basin special reserves such as coal bed methane, tight gas, heavy oil, and oil sands are becoming a focus of interest. Citicorps provides special reserve evaluations.

  • BUSSDOR UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB: As part of our corporate social responsibility (CRS), Bussdor United Football Club (BUFC) has been established to give back to the environment in which we operate by engaging the Niger Delta youths meaningfully, providing them with a future.
    The club has gained promotion from the amateur division one league to the professional league having played a total of 300 matches both at home and away. BUFC has maintained a stand in the first three positions of the league table.