HSE Policy


Quality Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Bussdor & Company Limited is committed to nurturing and sustaining the highest standard of Health, Safety and environment within all its work sites and operations.

This objective shall be accomplished by Bussdor guaranteeing:

  • A maintenance culture that will ensure equipment, tools and machines are in good repair.
  • A safe working place providing safety equipment according to international standard
  • Proper assessment of all contingency situations
  • Professional competence of all personnel through an adequate training
  • A proper reporting system
  • Appropriate medical facilities in all work sites
  • Adequate technical, economical and human resources
  • Conservation of the environment through prevention of releases, spills, leaks and minimizing hazardous waste production.
  • An effective audit system to control the implementation of BUSSDOR requirements and procedures.
  • Development and maintenance of cordial relationship with our host communities.

Bussdor line management remains responsible for the direct implementation of the above policy and all company’s employees shall contribute to maintain the highest possible Standards of Health, Safety and Environment. The above policy will be reviewed intermittently to ensure it remains relevant to the company’s future operations.

Health, Safety and Environmental Vision

Our vision is to be recognized by clients, employees, suppliers, communities, and other stakeholders worldwide as an environmentally responsible company that protects human health and the environment by fully integrating lifecycle environmental, health and safety considerations into our business decisions and activities.

Bussdor and Company Limited is committed to engaging its employees and leveraging its technology to protect human health and the environment in all operations, services, and products; and to contribute to the achievement of a socially responsible, and environmentally efficient national and global economy.

Implementation of this policy is a primary management objective and the responsibility of every Bussdor employee. In the course of providing excellent products and services to our clients, we strive to continually improve environmental and safety management system to support the integration of applicable environmental, health, and safety considerations into our business decisions and planning activities.